Bihar Assembly Election 2020

"You focus on climbing the ladder,
and let us deal with the snakes."

If the people who are elected are capable and of character and integrity, they would be able to make the best even of a defective Constitution. If they are lacking in these, the Constitution cannot help the country. After all, a Constitution like a machine is a lifeless thing. It acquires life because of those who control it and operate it, and India needs today nothing more than a set of honest representatives who will have the interest of the country before them.
-Dr. Rajendra Prasad,
President of Constituent Assembly

Our constitution, the longest in the world is the biggest asset of our democracy. The fundamental governing document of our country imparts us with power that cannot be overridden by the parliament. It was drafted (by some highly intellectual minds with strong morals) to ensure that institutions function to protect the fundamental rights of citizens and are never misused by governing bodies to serve their vested interests. The entire democratic system was created to assure its citizens justice, equality and liberty. In view of our current condition, your first reaction will be “well it has failed then”. No, it hasn’t, we have failed it. The political class has succeeded in utilising it for their benefit by concealing (not disseminating) information from the public. Every well-functioning democracy has two key institutional power - one to set the agenda by the government in office, and another to question or block a proposal by other legislative members- opposition. Democratic elections were designed to predominantly strengthen both. However, elections are highly controlled and managed by misuse of political machines. In Bihar, both the agenda setters and the opposition work only to further their interests. They work like pods in the pea. Therefore, our serious problems are ignored by the entire system. Moreover, they lack knowledge to both find solutions to our problem and to question what needs to be questioned- they do not know what public-policy means, how it is formulated and what the intended goal must be. Furthermore, they do not represent any group despite the claims that they make, because we have all stayed where we were since 73 years, if not worse- last in the country. Consequently, a democracy that has token representatives inevitably will work as an authoritarian or monarchical regime and will be doomed to failure, as is the case of Bihar.

This election will be an opportunity lost if either the ruling party or the current so-called opposition wins. The ruling party will undoubtedly not question their own government and the opposition unarguably lacks policy knowledge to question the incumbent. This is the primary reason that we intend to challenge the system by forming a new party that is competent and morally sound. We stand against all the parties to question every decision that these parties have or have not taken in the past.